Add fee for Paypal/Visa/Mastercard (2CheckOut)


We are forced to add a commission for this type of payment, because we can no longer cover it at our own expense.


But you can payments in other ways without commissions ;)


18. Nov 2022
Service fee adjustments for 2023

Dear Customer,    Leaseweb would like to inform you of the following fee adjustments as a result of the increasing volatility in the energy market leading to unprecedented price increases, coupled with rising inflation – which are beyond our control. These price adjustments will be effective from 2023, and are in line with our B2B Sales ... weiterlesen »

9. Nov 2022
Updates in the cryptocurrency acceptance gateway.


After successful work for a long time, we decided to add several positions in cryptocurrency:

as BTC and ETH.

If you need any other feel free to contact our support, we will be happy to add it.

All financial success!

30. Okt 2022
Affiliate program disabled

Affiliate program disabled.


Numerical violations are detected when Visitors Referred is very low and active Signups are used in parallel.

It is possible that the program will be reviewed and re-enabled later.

26. Mai 2022
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