Affiliate program disabled

Affiliate program disabled.


Numerical violations are detected when Visitors Referred is very low and active Signups are used in parallel.

It is possible that the program will be reviewed and re-enabled later.

26th May 2022
add Perfect Money payment gateway

We've added the Perfect Money payment gateway,

you can now quickly pay for services from your account.


If you are not registered then go to the official website and do it.

The system is convenient and friendly ;)

27th Mar 2022
payments WebMoney system add + 25%

Since there were problems with withdrawing money from the WebMoney system, we decided not to disable the gateway at all, but to add + 25% to the payment amount. It is NOT realistic to accept payments in WMZ 1:1 at current rates today.   Today there are interest-free options such as Visa / Mastercard credit cards, Paypal, cryptocurrencies, bank ... Læs mere »

5th Mar 2022
Annual increase of service fees + 4%

Once a year, the datacenter LW makes a planned increase in the cost of products on + 4%. Here are more details 5th point #Annual increase of service fees   But due to our discount, we have always ignored this for our customers, but today we will review for some products, many have already come up ... Læs mere »

1st Jan 2022
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